Our Story

Our Story In the Beginning

Shortly after getting married, Kelly and Reginald Gibson found out they were having triplets. Becoming a triplet mom made Kelly feel superhuman. With the support and encouragement of her family, she got in the best shape of her life. People grew inspired by her fitness after triplets journey and her passion for empowering women intensified. In 2017, The couple received word that their shared place of employment was closing.

Reginald immediately enrolled in college and took on another job to help alleviate future hardships. Only the consequences of the abrupt changes caused him to suffer a stress-induced heart attack. Kelly emailed Ellen and the rest is history.

It’s amazing how you have this much energy with 3-year-old triplets and another child at home.

Ellen Degeneres

It is Written

On her show, Ellen said, “It’s amazing how you have this much energy with 3-year-old triplets and another child at home.” The idea for INNERGIZE was born at that moment and we have been working and praying diligently to bring this movement to fruition ever since. People always inquire about Kelly’s exuberant energy. She says, “It is the spirit within me, and my joy is uncontainable. I enjoy shining my light and making a positive impact.” On a family vacation in August of 2018, Kelly wrote INNERGIZE in the sand for the first time. While earning her undergraduate degree, she was charged with developing a program for an organization. Kelly created a workplace wellness program for a local business and typed INNERGIZE as the title. By the spring of 2019, INNERGIZE was launched as an official business.

On a Mission

INNERGIZE is a movement sparking excitement for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being by helping people move like they love themselves. We aim to create a culture of wellness beginning within everyone we serve and creating a ripple effect within their families, organizations, and communities.

A portion of every monthly membership goes directly to supporting the local YWCA and its Mission of Empowering Women.

Continued Purpose

Kelly Lynn Gibson is the founder of INNERGIZE. She is a nationally certified health coach, personal trainer, and recently completed her 200-hour Yoga certification. In Kelly’s first book, “Worthy of Wellness,” she expanded her reach through positive examples, paired with meaningful yet inspirational influence. Thereby empowering others to overcome the various obstacles which often prevent them from living their best, healthiest and happiest lives. She recently earned her Master’s of Science in Leadership Development while her husband simultaneously earned his bachelor’s from Wright State University. They graduated together all while running INNERGIZE and homeschooling their four children. They plan to continue their education and obtain doctorate degrees. Upon this, they will elevate their impact through motivational speaking and leading by example for their children, community, and beyond. All they do exemplifies that anything is possible when we speak, believe, and apply the work needed to make our dreams a reality.

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