Worthy of Wellness.

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Move Like You Love Yourself

Innergize is sparking excitement for physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through empowering fitness classes, motivational speaking, corporate wellness, personal training, and health coaching.

Move with Me and Make a Difference

A portion of every monthly membership goes directly to supporting the local YWCA and its Mission of Empowering Women.

Fuel Your Mind

We feel better when we're dancing. Dancing increases serotonin, naturally boosting your mood and decreasing stress. We sweat, shout, and let it out! Dancing also increases memory, supporting overall brain health.

Train Your Body

Workout because you love your body, not because you hate it. Innergize embraces body positivity and uses motivational messaging to help you build self-confidence. Once you know your worth, you'll be unstoppable.

Enrich Your Spirit

People always ask me how I have so much energy. It is the spirit within me and my joy is uncontainable. I want to help you find your inner light and shine bright from the inside out. That is what INNERGIZE is all about!

Her smile and energy light up a room. She is always positive and loving. She inspires. She creates a fun atmosphere. She makes you feel that you can do anything in this world.

Brooke Craig

Kelly is so energetic and always has a smile on her face, so it makes you enjoy her class even more. The dancing is so fun that you don’t even realize you’re actually working out.

Gena Douglas

Kelly is an incredible inspiration!! She leads by example, and reflects a wonderful energy that you cannot help but want to be a part of!

Laney Hayward

I haven’t felt so empowered and free, in a long time. It felt SO. GOOD. I felt like Serena again. I felt worthy. I felt like I was enough. I didn’t feel like a tired and crazed mother, I felt whole.

Serena Williams

Kelly is an amazing, positive, inspiring fitness coach. She encourages without being judgmental. I have been doing her fitness classes and online coaching and keep improving on the foundation she helped build.

Lori Miller

Kelly’s classes are fun and upbeat. I can barely wait until the next. I just completed the January program. I’m amazed at how many inches I’ve lost in one month. She was there to support and encourage us every day. Learning to love myself again because I’m worthy.

Georgia Parker

Innergize is exactly what I needed to help me achieve my fitness goals. The daily check-ins, the journal, the awesome workouts, and her energy have all allowed me to reach my goal of losing 12 pounds in one month. She helped us believe that we were worthy of living our best lives and now we will never look back.

Cecily Bursey

She gave me energy, purpose, self-motivation, and the belief that I am worthy and loved. Not only did I conquer a very bad health habit, I lost inches, gained confidence, and made new friends. I adore her energy, her spirit, and her outlook on life and she even got me to exercise for 60 minutes, which I normally dread. I highly recommend Innergize!!

Kim Midlam

Kelly Gibson is always positive and she pushes us to our limits and beyond. Whether that's mind, body, or soul. Her and her husband are extremely motivational. They don't just talk the talk...but they walk the walk.

Cheryl Swasey

Kelly Gibson is a light in this dark world!! Innergize has helped me feel beautiful again, to love myself despite my journey. Because of Kelly, I was reminded that I am WORTHY of wellness, happiness, and a life worth celebrating! Not only does Kelly encourage others but she does it by leading a life of example. I never have to question the things she recommends because I know she never says to do anything she’s not already doing herself…living, breathing proof!

Emily Spicer

Fun Fitness Real Results

We have a variety of energetic classes to fit your experience level and schedule. Weight training, Dance-Fitness, and much more is available live or on demand! We dance, sweat, shout, and let it all out!

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Corporate Wellness Innergize Your Organization

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After years of self-doubt and self-destructive behavior, I realized that I couldn’t do this all on my own. God showed me, in a series of unfathomable events, that his plan was much better than my own. Come on this journey with me and see how you, too, can turn your test into your testimony.

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Achieve Your Goals Personal Training & Health Coaching

Offering a variety of personal training and health coaching packages to get you on track towards becoming your best-self. Let’s dive inward and discover just how capable you are!

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