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Innergize Empower Hour to debut at The Brightside

Debbie Juniewicz |

With four children – including energetic 6-year old triplets – Kelly Gibson would make excuses but, instead, she is dedicated to making a difference. As the founder of Innergize, Gibson has developed a dance fitness program designed to empower and uplift. She will debut the Innergize Empower Hour at the Brightside on March 23 and will hold the high-energy, high-impact fitness classes weekly at the downtown event venue.

“We’re going to sweat and shout and let the stress out,” Gibson said. “I want people to leave with the felling of ‘Yes, I can do this.'” As a wife and mother, Gibson knows firsthand that the needs of the family can take priority. That’s why she is so passionate about women’s empowerment.

“To me, it’s so important that we lead by example for our children and let them know that we are important,” she said. “We are worthy of this time.” And, according to Gibson, it’s time well spent. “When you’re healthier, you’re happier and you’re more productive,” she said. “You will be a better mom, a better wife and a better employee.”

Gibson has been a fitness instructor at multiple YMCA locations and in the Huber Heights community for several years. Adding the classes at the Brightside has been a goal since it opened.

“When I first saw the Brightside on Instagram in 2018, I admired the amazing space, I even reached out about rental in hopes of doing a wellness event in the future,” she said. “I wasn’t quire ready to take the leap of faith, but I’ve been working diligently since then. I started my own business and surrounded myself with some pretty amazing people who support my vision.”

Her husband, Reginald, is at the top of the list of those amazing people. “He’s my rock,” she said. “Without him, I wouldn’t be here.”

Not surprisingly, fitness was part of the couple’s life long before they exchanged vows. “He proposed to me in a fitness class,” Gibson said. While the connection between fitness, happiness and empowerment is an integral part of Innergize, it wasn’t always Gibson’s priority in the gym.

“After having triplets, I just wanted to fit into my pants again,” she said, smiling. While the classes are designed to be high energy and high impact, they are also designed to be accessible for everyone as Gibson offers a variety of modifications. The classes start with a welcoming warm-up before participants get their sweat on during the full-body workout.

But the classes are about more than burning calories. “As women, we focus too much on what we look like,” Gibson said. “We need to get our mind right and have faith in our capabilities.”

“You can’t be a light in the world if you don’t first find the light within yourself.”

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